About Us

Dad's Against Predators started in 2020. We wanted to do something bigger than us. We wanted to do something that mattered and would make an impact. We wanted to work with police to get these guys put away, and did work with them for awhile, but the media labeled us "vigilantes", and we were told to stop.

"We are Dads Against Predators. We're not here for entertainment, we are here to expose these guys to their communities. The people have a right to know."


"Cease operation? So we can sit back and let them react to these future victims of sexual assault they claim we're causing? Instead of learning how to prevent these matters, they would rather prosecute those who are willing to try and do so. Months ago they patted us on the back, thanked us and asked us for the chat logs, now they want to prosecute us? Seems as if they are trying to prevent the actions of the wrong people."


For 4 years we have been exposing these predaphiles from all over the world so their local communities know. We didn't do this for money or fame. We did this for the kids who don't have a voice. It's sickening how many predators are out there, but as long as they keep responding, we will keep catching. 

Josh and Jay are incredible fathers and have unfortunately had to deal with how the law handles these cases first hand, which led to the idea of DAP. They were unhappy with how the law handled these cases and decided to take matters into their own hands. Everyone deserves to know so they can keep their children safe.